How Much Will It Cost?

The first stage is to contact me via the contact form on the home page, and we can discuss either via email or telephone, which of the following packages are necessary to help you and your dog and resolve the problems.

Basic Package - £90 + travel:

A basic consultation is suitable for mild to moderate behaviour problems, for example you have noticed your dog is a little wary of certain types of person or they have begun to be reactive on lead, and/or your dog is under 18 months old.

Consultation will usually last between 2 & 3 hours, and includes a follow up written report and training plan.

This is the right option for situations where you think you are on the right track or you have caught a problem early and just need a professional pair of eyes and some help in tweaking routines or techniques.

Extra Support Package - £160 + travel

This option is for more severe problems, where a problem has been ongoing with an adult dog for months  rather than days/weeks.
This is the option to choose if you are out of your depth, really worried, suitable for moderate to severe issues like resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc.

First visit will last around 3 hours, includes follow up report and requires you to provide weekly email (and if you can, video) feedback for two or three weeks, then a follow up visit. Email support is provided for up to six months after the second home visit.

Super Support Package - £220

This is the package for severe and long term behaviour problems: severe separation anxiety, fear,  aggression, dogs with a bite history, problem behaviours that put the dog, owners and others at risk.

This package requires a £75 non-refundable deposit, and you will need to agree to take your dog to the vet for a thorough 'MOT' first to rule out any medical issue that could be causing or contributing to the behaviour problem.

Before I see your dog, I'll ask you to fill out some questionnaires, diaries and need to see your dogs veterinary records
, provide you with a basic management strategy and foundation training work and once this is completed THEN a home visit and further advice and support.

Problems that require this level of support are likely to require a min. of 3 to 6 months work on your part and continued support from me.

Puppy Advice - email - £25 (per maximum 6 replies); visit £50 + travel

This service covers advice on what breed or breed mix puppy would suit you and is aimed at the first time puppy buyer or just those keen not to make a mistake. Includes information sheets and basic beginner training guides on how to toilet train, how to avoid long term problems such as separation anxiety, fear of people/other animals, and how to manage your new puppy or dog around children.
A visit can include going to see a breeder of your choice/rescue of your choice.

Socialisation/Habituation Group - semi private (max 4 dogs, no aggressive dogs please) - £15 - approx 1 hour

These sessions are for puppies/young dogs and rescue dogs who do not have any serious aggression issues, but do need some help learning how to behave out and about in public places. They take place at a variety of locations around the Malvern area - occasionally at pubs where we do ask you buy a drink (one class will cover eating out with your dog, dependant on class members). Great for those who are not quite sure how to handle anti-social behaviour such as whining/barking in public and want some support.

Workshops & Seminars

1 Seminar place + 3 x practical sessions with your dog - £100
1 Seminar place + 3 x observation of practical sessions, no dog - £80
Seminar place only - £50

This is for all seminars except Before You Get Your Puppy/Dog, which is a one off seminar only:

£40 single person
£60 family (two adults and up to two children over 10)

All seminars include course notes, reading lists in either paper or digital format and a certificate of attendance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when I email you?
    Once I have read your email, I send you out a pre-consultation questionnaire, which you need to fill in with as much detail as possible and send back. Once I recieve this I can construct a basic plan, so I know what I need to see, what I need to bring with me and what I can expect.
    Then I will arrange with you a time and location for the consultation.


  • Where do consultations take place?
    Normally they will take place in your home, sometimes it is more appropriate to use an outdoor location in which case we can use our paddock near Welland, or a suitable location near your home.


  • Who needs to be present at the consultation?
    We ask that any adults who regularly deal with the dog, and children who are old enough to train/handle your dog are present. This is because for training or behaviour modification to work, everyone needs to understand what they are doing.


  • How long will it last?
    An initial consultation is likely to last around 2 hours, it may be a little more or a little less.


  • How many consultations will I need?
    This is a tough question to answer - a lot of problems are in fact solved with just the one consultation. Particularly fairly simple problems, where owners comply fully with the behaviour modification plan or training plan they are given following the visit. However some owners find learning new techniques hard, and some problems are more ingrained than others, so you may need another consultation, however a follow up visit rarely needs to be longer than an hour.


  • What if I need a bit of help but don't need a second consultation?
    Every initial consult comes with six months free email and telephone advice. That means if you just need to clarify something, or show me a video of your progress, its free.
    Occasionally I may suggest that you do need a further consultation, as email or telephone advice is not sufficient, however this is rare and obviously is entirely your choice.


  • Other companies offer guarantees and free lifetime back up, why don't  you do that?
    Great question - I won't guarantee anything, because once I leave your home, it is entirely up to you to put in the work. Also, animals have their own minds and work at their own pace - I cannot guarantee that your dog will learn something in 2 weeks just because my dog did, it might take your dog 4 weeks, it could take Joe Blogg's dog 8 weeks. Animals are individuals!
  • I booked a place at training classes, but I couldn't attend all of them. Can I have a refund?
    We are unable to give refunds on missed classes - our classes are pre-booked and as we do not take drop-in's, we cannot fill an empty space.
    However if you are aware at the time of booking that you cannot make one out of the six classes that make up the course, it may be possible for us to fit you in later, or on another date. You must make us aware of this at the time of booking.

    If you need to cancel a home visit, we ask that you do so more than 24 hours prior to the appointment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before your appointment may be subject to a partial charge. Missed appointments may be subject to a full charge of the travel fee and consult fee at our discretion.
  • I don't offer lifetime back up because I am one person and I would be overwhelmed with work and actually unable to offer a quality service. Whilst there are companies who do offer this, in my experience that lifetime back up consists of a few emails and then complete silence from them!


About Me

Emma Judson has almost 20 years experience working with difficult dogs, troubled dogs, pretty much anything but the archetypal easy, perfect Border Collie!
She is active in rescue and has worked with kennelled dogs, fostered dogs for training and adopted dogs with challenging behaviour.
Living with dogs who have behaviour problems has given Emma an understanding and empathy that theoretical knowledge cannot provide. She also understands the frustrations that come with tackling a behaviour problem, and the effects that can have on all the family.

Emma is dedicated to continuing her professional development and regularly attends seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as networking with other modern, force free trainers, to ensure her knowledge stays up to date with current science.
She has attended seminars with Ian Dunbar and John Rogerson, two of the most highly respected and influential figureheads of the canine behaviour and training world and continues to attend lectures and seminars annually, to keep her knowledge up to date.

Emma strongly believes that certain dog behaviours are only a problem for us, being perfectly natural to the dog. Therefore it is up to those of us who choose to share our lives with a dog, to alter these behaviours in a force free, pain free way.

Emma is a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild which promotes Force Free training. She is a contributor to the Expert blog, currently moderates and advises the users of the Victoria Stilwell forum, and also occasionally blogs for the UK Pedigree Breeder Database,
She has been published in print, in Dogs Today Magazine, on a number of occasions.

Emma became a full member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers in November 2014 after passing her 2 day practical and theory assessment.

Seminars & Lectures

Here are just some of the seminars and lectures Emma has attended in recent years - these events are open to anyone, canine professionals, animal professionals and pet owners alike so if you think you'd be interested in some of these subjects or speakers, do look out for them being hosted near you in future.

Ian Dunbar - Puppy Development
John Rogerson (3 Days + 1 Day) - Socialisation, Habituation, and Aggression
Carolyn Menteith - Understanding your Dog
Patricial McConnell - 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking' (about animal consciousness, self awareness and non-human 'thinking')
National Dog Bite Awareness Conference: Victoria Stilwell, Chirag Patel, Jim Crosby, Sarah Fisher - discussion on positive force free training, how and why bites occur, how to avoid them. Case studies on fatal attacks on humans.

Clicker Expo 2014, 3 days of seminars and workshops!
IMDT Member Assessment 2014 - Passed, Full Member
IMDTB Separation Anxiety 2 Day Seminar 2015